Precise insights into the latest regional market developments, supply chain & technology trends

One portion of these publications covers wind power development in all relevant regional markets. Reports on supply chain and technology provide an in-depth analysis of trends in individual sectors of the wind industry.

All solar products are now delivered by GTM Research. 

  • Understand key drivers and barriers in wind power development at global, regional, and country levels
  • Evaluate countries and regions of interest based on detailed market attractiveness assessments provided in the report
  • Special focus on key emerging markets
  • Gain expert value chain insights into investment trends and learn the about market drivers and barriers in wind development and ownership
  • Learn about the latest developments in technology and how these advancements could impact the industry
  • Use MAKE’s industry-leading forecasts as a tool for strategic planning and anticipating possible future operations and maintenance trends

All reports on Markets are accompanied by a Graphics Library, which gives easy access to, and overview of, all figures and tables that are included in the report.




Meet our Research Team

MAKE's research team consists of experienced, educated and passionate professionals and thought-leaders around the globe. They leverage their expertise to provide our clients with precise and timely industry insights and a multi-faceted view of the global renewable energy industry. For true and timely insight, you have to be where the action is. That’s why we have experts in key renewable energy markets, providing a global advantage to our clients.