The Future for Wind + Storage

The industry is buzzing about solar + storage. So what about wind + storage? We asked our energy storage analyst in a recent Q&A.

In a recent report, U.S. Wind + Storage: The Business Case, GTM Research's Daniel Finn-Foley, senior energy storage analyst and Hong Durandal, business analyst, modeled scenarios for wind + storage under current economic and market conditions in the U.S. In a Q&A, they discuss their key findings.

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While the current project landscape is limited, Hong Durandal says, "there is potential for cheap wind energy to provide grid services but the main challenge for wind + storage is to shift energy at very specific times when price spreads are significantly large enough to make a profit." Daniel Finn-Foley adds, "the best signpost for the post-PTC/ITC climate may be Xcel's recent RFP, which showed that developers are bullish on wind, solar and energy storage price declines over the next five years, even with absent tax credits."