The Transformation(s) of Power

Get Head of Research at GTM (owned by MAKE's parent company Wood Mackenzie), Shayle Kann's take on these developments:

The power sector is constantly evolving, but rarely in modern history has it seen such rapid change as it faces today. The interaction between technological, economic and political forces is catalyzing what could become the most dramatic transformation of electricity in the past century.

We identify four primary trends shaping and directing this transformation globally. But this is just the beginning; these trends will drive our power and renewables research agenda moving forward. We will compile and analyze data, forecast future developments, and ask difficult questions about how each of these trends might shape the future of power throughout the world.

Transformative Trends in the Power Sector:

  • Decarbonization
  • Decentralization
  • Vehicle Electrification
  • Energy Access

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