Groundbreaking Energy Storage Progress

On January 30, the California Public Utility Commission publicly announced the world’s largest deployment of grid-connected battery projects.

Southern California’s aggressive procurement of energy storage is a response to mandates set by regulators to compensate for the partial closure of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. In December, Tesla and Southern California Edison completed their new 20MW/80MWh storage facility in Mira Loma to compensate for the loss of Aliso Canyon’s capacity. Additional energy storage projects of similar size are being developed by San Diego Gas & Electric with AES Energy Storage and Atlas Gas with Greensmith Energy Partners. These projects are adding 77.5MW to the California energy grid system to help improve grid reliability, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and support ever greater quantities of renewable energy. Southern California Edison plans to make energy storage a key part of the grid system in support of the state’s renewables mandate.      

In the UK a 200MW energy storage frequency response program is being deployed across the country. As part of this program, Younicos will supply Centrica a 49MW energy storage system in its Roosecote site in Northwest England and EDF Energy Renewables will provide National Grid with a 49MW battery storage system for its West Burton Combined Cycle Gas power station in Nottinghamshire. Similarly to California, the UK has put energy storage at the heart of its new industrial strategy in the hope of positioning itself as a global leader in the field. 

MAKE expects the global energy storage market will exceed 8GW of total capacity in 2021.

By Hong Durandal, Business Analyst at MAKE

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