Supply Chain Dynamics

Effective supply chain management is a source of competitive advantage that works towards many strategic objectives. Critical supply chain decisions are complicated by a vast array of market factors. An expert, independent third-party input is paramount to making the right investment decision. Whether you are facing challenging make/buy decisions or benchmarking regional supply chain strategies, at MAKE we can leverage our deep industry network and in-depth understanding of the renewable energy market to assist you in your decision making process.

Our team of experts can help you by:

  • Assessing the threats and opportunities associated with various supply chain and global footprint strategies
  • Analysing your product portfolio in terms of supply availability, internal production capabilities, and potential production bottlenecks
  • Providing a detailed current and potential supply chain map for your specific products with attention to recent supply chain and procurement trends
  • Identifying sourcing opportunities compatible with current supply chain strategies based on key success factors and buying criteria
  • Providing competitive benchmarking, as well as benchmarking and screening of potential suppliers

Related Research

08/12/2017 - Research Presentation

WindEurope - Trends in the Wind Energy Supply Chain

This Analyst Presentation was given by Senior Consultant, Deepak Chinnapa at WindEurope 2017 in Amsterdam, NL on November 28th 2017.

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28/12/2017 - Market Reports

Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain 2017

The report evaluates key trends and market dynamics affecting component procurement

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29/12/2017 - Database

Global Supply Chain Company Database 2017

This database provides a global overview of key wind turbine supply chain companies, including basic company information, production facilities, product portfolio and supplier relations

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05/01/2018 - Research Presentation

Webinar: Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain 2017

This presentation by MAKE's Dan Shreve provides an analysis of the current outlook for supply and demand of strategic wind turbine components

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07/05/2018 - Database

Global Wind Turbine Order Database - Apr 2018

This database provides up-to-date monthly global wind turbine order intake data monitored and tracked globally for 40+ wind turbine OEMs. This database is published once a month.

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Our Consulting Team

With extensive experience from the global renewables industry, our global team of analysts and advisors at MAKE offer an unrivalled business network and deep knowledge of strategic analysis, business development and implementation in renewables, gained through years of working at leading companies in the business. Our team has been carefully assembled to offer the right blend of expertise to accelerate business results for our clients.