Renewable Energy Asset Investments

Identifying profitable investment opportunities and accurately assessing project risk requires an in-depth understanding of major market drivers, performance benchmarking, and project finance. At MAKE, we possess the critical analytical skills and industry experience necessary for realizing successful investment strategies. Whether you are deciding on where to invest, how to invest or what to invest in, our insights into the renewable energy industry will guide your team towards well-informed decisions that lead to value-creating investments. 

Our team of experts can help you by:

  • Executing technical and commercial due diligence of renewable assets
  • Assessing the suitability of your potential investments according to corporate strategic initiatives
  • Benchmarking your portfolio strategy against best-in-class asset owners
  • Screening potential markets for regulatory risk, attractive remuneration opportunities, power generation potential, and regional cost structures to ensure maximum project returns

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Wind and Solar PV Power Asset Transactions Database - Q1 2018

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This summary provides an overview of changes in the global energy storage markets in 2017, as well as expectations and outlooks for 2018 through 2022.

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Our Consulting Team

With extensive experience from the global renewables industry, our global team of analysts and advisors at MAKE offer an unrivalled business network and deep knowledge of strategic analysis, business development and implementation in renewables, gained through years of working at leading companies in the business. Our team has been carefully assembled to offer the right blend of expertise to accelerate business results for our clients.