Operations & Maintenance

Renewable energy fleet installations are on the rise globally. This makes operations and maintenance (O&M) optimisation a critical value enhancement opportunity for asset owners, and a strategic business opportunity for equipment manufacturers and service providers. At MAKE, we monitor the O&M market, harness the insights of industry experts and construct expansive OPEX models to forecast equipment failures and repair costs. Whether you are seeking to optimize fleet operational expenditures, maximize the performance of your renewable energy investments, or expand your service portfolio, our team possesses the operational insights, technical knowhow and analytical capability to support your strategic goals.

Our team of experts can help you by:

  • Executing advanced OPEX modelling and benchmarking services to maximize project returns
  • Providing end-of-warranty decision support and intelligence, as well as renewable asset life time extention (LTE) analyses and advisory
  • Carrying out fleet assessments, as well as technical due diligence and site inspections to identify technical risks and identify potential solutions
  • Providing you with critical market intelligence to stay abreast of the latest trends in renewable energy’s most dynamic market segment
  • Analysing the key threats and opportunities that shape the competitive dynamics within the O&M sector

Related Research

26/10/2016 - Research Presentation

European Offshore Wind Power O&M

This presentation was given at MAKE's Offshore Wind Power Seminar at China Wind Power 2016 in Beijing, China, 18 October, by Senior Consultant, Jingwen Huang.

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27/09/2016 - Research Insight

European Offshore O&M Crew Transfer

This Research Note examines the most common means for transporting crew to offshore wind farms to conduct operations and maintenance

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16/11/2017 - Sector Reports

Global Wind Turbine OM 2017

This report analyses the global wind power service market and strategies including O&M market opportunities, service strategies of leading asset owners, availability guarantees, pricing and terms of O&M contracts, and regional installed base segmentations

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31/10/2017 - Research Presentation

Here come the drones – UAVs for PV O&M

This Analyst Presentation was given by Renewable Energy Analyst, Prashant Khorana at Smart Solar PV - Data Analysis and IoT Forum 2017 in Berlin, Germany on October 24th 2017.

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21/11/2017 - Research Presentation

Webinar: Global Wind Turbine O&M

This presentation by Senior Consultant Aaron Barr provides insights on the opportunities, barriers, risks and competitive landscape in the O&M sector.

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Our Consulting Team

With extensive experience from the global renewables industry, our global team of analysts and advisors at MAKE offer an unrivalled business network and deep knowledge of strategic analysis, business development and implementation in renewables, gained through years of working at leading companies in the business. Our team has been carefully assembled to offer the right blend of expertise to accelerate business results for our clients.