Offshore Wind

Offshore wind power is one of the wind industry’s fastest growing market segments worldwide with a large and untapped potential for renewable power generation. At MAKE, we understand the dynamics shaping the offshore market, including the drive to reduce offshore wind’s cost of energy through long-term policy frameworks, continued technology innovation and investments in scaling and industrializing the supply chain. Whether the fulcrum of your offshore-related decisions is investment, technological strategies, supply and demand, market dynamics, or aftermarket services, our team can assist you in making the right decisions. 

Our team of experts can help you by:

  • Assessing the market as to provide you with a strategic advantage for capturing opportunities in mature and emerging offshore markets
  • Mapping and analysing the unique supply chain for offshore wind in order to successfully plan, execute and continue your offshore business development
  • Providing insights on O&M market dynamics and the strategic positioning of asset owners and turbine OEMs in service market
  • Analysing technology changes across the value chain and assessing the impacts on your strategy to enter specific markets
  • Assessing changes in project financing and how this impacts contractual trends across the value chain
  • Forecasting the development of offshore wind power LCOE to inform fact-based decisions on business development and market entry for your business

Related Research

22/12/2017 - Sector Reports

Global Offshore Wind Power Market 2017

MAKE’s Global Offshore Wind Power Market report is a 90+-page report containing 100+ charts, tables and graphs providing in-depth analysis of the global offshore wind market

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06/04/2018 - Research Insight

Emerging Offshore Wind Markets in Northern and Eastern Europe

This Insight provides analysis of eight emerging offshore wind markets in Northern and Eastern Europe.

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20/03/2018 - Flash Note & Inform

Vattenfall Wins Dutch Subsidy-free Offshore Wind Auction

This Flash Note analyses the viability and implications of the zero-subsidy bid

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28/03/2018 - Database

Global Offshore Wind Power Project Database Q1 2018

This database provides the definitive global listing of installed and planned offshore wind projects

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13/02/2018 - Flash Note & Inform

A Wave of Announcements Boost US Offshore Wind Outlook

This Flash Note analyses the recent spate of announcements pertaining to offshore wind procurements in the Northeast US.

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Our Consulting Team

With extensive experience from the global renewables industry, our global team of analysts and advisors at MAKE offer an unrivalled business network and deep knowledge of strategic analysis, business development and implementation in renewables, gained through years of working at leading companies in the business. Our team has been carefully assembled to offer the right blend of expertise to accelerate business results for our clients.