Business and Market Modelling

Understanding the ever-changing landscape of an increasingly complex renewable energy market is a task that few companies can take on alone. At MAKE, our suite of proprietary business and market models includes investment tools for several renewable markets including solar, onshore and offshore wind. Powerful market forecasting tools support your most important business development decisions with detailed analyses of market demand, technology trends and supplier positioning, to assist you in estimating component level demand within the wind and solar power industry.

Our teams of experts can help you by:

  • Providing detailed and segmented market demand forecasts with associated technology trends that shape equipment purchasing strategies
  • Benchmarking your company’s competitive positioning in terms of product portfolio, supply chain footprint and client relationships
  • Providing an expert, third party opinion to challenge internal thinking and ensure critical business decisions are pressure tested to maximize opportunity for success

Related Research

21/11/2017 - Research Notes

Emerging Renewable Energy Markets

This Research Note provides analysis of nine rising emerging markets for renewable energy across three regions.

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18/10/2017 - Databases

H2 Global Wind Turbine OEM Market Share Forecast Q3/2017

This semi-annual forecast provides an independent market share forecast of turbine OEMs across 25 countries through 2021

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20/11/2017 - Market Outlook Update

Q4 2017 Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update - XLS

The Global Market Outlook Update datasheet is an addendum to the outlook analysis. It provides onshore and offshore specific data and comparisons to the previous quarter.

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22/09/2017 - Databases

Wind Power Company Financials Database Q3 2017

A comprehensive global repository of earnings results from publicly-traded wind power companies and selected non-public companies that report earnings

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12/01/2018 - Flash Notes

Turbine Price Drop Fuels Aggressive Bidding at Brazilian Auctions

This Flash Note analyses the results of the A-4 and A-6 auctions held at the end of December 2017

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Our Consulting Team

With extensive experience from the global renewables industry, our global team of analysts and advisors at MAKE offer an unrivalled business network and deep knowledge of strategic analysis, business development and implementation in renewables, gained through years of working at leading companies in the business. Our team has been carefully assembled to offer the right blend of expertise to accelerate business results for our clients.